This seires of Digital Collages offers a rough sketch for the world’s creation. These designs

are built strictly out of images found in the web. The most generic idea is broken down into pieces, and then composes a new space in a rough style. The result gives the same feeling

of ease as it originally had, without hiding the mess it has created.

Fascinated by the counted steps and order throughout the days, I was eager to understand more about creation.  

Re-creation of Mountains is my way of understanding structure and build, and the harmony between the whole and the chaotic.The pieces combine images of mountains from different parts of the world, creating a new landscape by connecting places together from all over the globe.

Under 1000 Gallery. Curated by Ari Marrache. (2017)

Solo exhibition - Kuli Alma gallery, Tel Aviv. (2015)

Solo exhibition (excerpt) - Marrache Fine Art gallery, Jerusalem. Curated by Ari Marrache. (2015)

Group exhibition - Kaktus , Jerusalem. Curated by Noya Antman Ron. (2015)

Jerusalem Post - interview. (2015)

Purchase details upon request

Golden Crafts. 42x42

Norm Gone Bad. 86x73

Ems. 25x25

Hiding Pink. 45x50

Jerusalem Fade. 33x52

Grid Wednesday. 10x15

Memories. 30x20

Metalic. 40x50

Autumn, 50x50

Moon Synesthesia. 46x18

Your church is the size of my bedroom, 15x21

Edges. 40x30

Golden Scare. 60x60

Local Volcano. 52x52

Wheat climbing. 30x42

Unterman. 47x31

Morning Glory. 50x40

Foggy Days. 10x15

Overclash. 100x50

Underwater. 50x35

Garbie's Color. 30x20. 

Snow Angels. 10x15. 

Fake Flying. 30x42

Yam Suf. 50x40

Fading Feilds. 10x20. 

White in White. 45x45. 

MSB. 45x25. 

Wind. 180x100. 

William Bill 80x50.