A short film about random accuracy in private worlds. 
From epilepsy to pool theories, teenage love as seen through the eyes of detached youth.

Premiered at the Tel Aviv Museum of art, curated by Marina Pozner. (2019)



Created by- Cookie Moon & Josef Laimon (Laimon brothers)

Cinematography- Tomer Zmora

Cast: Livia Heins, Jonathan Trichter

Spike- 5'59 (2019)

Undercurrent- 12'53 (2017)

Cookie and Josef are brother and sister who have always been inseparable. Cookie tries to resemble Josef in an attempt to perpetuate their childhood bond. Josef escapes Cookie’s imposed claustrophobia when he finds a lover in Noga and devotes his attention to her. Cookie, left alone, turns her infantile attempt of imprisoning Josef into a creative project. Milk, play and personal photos all become raw materials that guide the film ultimately lifting Cookie to a sublime state of maturity and new independence.

Presented in the Bezalel Academy of the Arts Graduation Exhibition (2017)

Official Selection Cinequest Film Festival (2018)

Altered Esthetics Film Festiva l(2018)


Directed by Cookie Moon & Reut Akkerman

Written by Cookie Moon

Cinematography by Tomer Zmora

Editing by Cookie Moon

Lighting- Lily Haz

Original Soundtrack- Ziv Barashi


Official Fashion Film for Yemenism, 2019 collection by fashion brank 'KUKI'.

The film is a depiction the subtle moments of being of authority, and of being one above all, during a momentary wandering of a group of friends on a Tel Avivian rooftop.

Directed by Kuki Hatuka & Cookie Moon

Fashion & Art - Kuki Hatuka

Cinematography - Lithai Pletain

Second Camera - Cookie Moon

Editing - Cookie Moon

Sound Design - Josef Laimon

Production Assistant - Tomer Romn Daunov

Set Design Assistant - Baptiste Vilanova

Models - Danielle Itzchakov, May Shvayster, Naor David, Dor Schwartz, Yarden Man, Danielle Cantor

Yemenism- 2'36 (2019)

Under the table describes my very fragile relationship with my father, comparing our journey to the 7 days of creation as told in Genesis, which we study together regularly. Challenged by intergenerational issues, differing religious values and his re-marriage, the delicate father- daughter bond is proved strong with loving devotion and respect.

Featured in Telavivian Magazine - 2017 

Under The Table - 7'20 (2016)

Collaboration with Tomer Zmora.

A 3-part short film, which deals with the subject of control and authority, shown by the subconscious journey Anna goes through; the free, the controlled and the dominant.


The Video Show, RVCC, New Jersey - 2017

Beita Gallery, Jerusalem - 2017

CICA Museum, Korea - part of the Conceptual art exhibition - 2016

Bideodromo Film Festival - 1st place winner - 2016

Euro Film Festival - Best short film and revelation director - 2016

FanBoy Film Festival - Official Selection

New York State Film Festival - Official Selection

Premiered on Elegant Magazine - 2016

Eating Your Feelings - 7'50 (2016)

A short video documenting the work process of fashion designers Robert Zlotnick and Hsueh-Lin Lu.


Cinematography by Ben Hantkant

Music by Middle Sky Boom

Deco Boko - 5'05 (2018)

Collaboration with Dan Robert Lahiani. 

Le Grand Tour is a mini-opera without words, which portrays an ultra-orthodox man who longs to be on the track but finds himself confined to the sidelines. The work is inspired by Waiting for Godot of Samuel Beckett, and the ‘exposure of the performance’ theme in Kafka’s novel, Un Jeûneur.

Short Stop International Film Festival - Finalist. 2017

Berlin Experimental Film Festival - Official Selection, 2016.

Beit Hansen Jerusalem, 2014. Curated by Maya Yavin and Adi Ornai.

Le Grand Tour - 9'10 (2015)

This video installation deals with the world’s creation as described in Genesis, and portrays the six days in a rough style of animation. The hands of God are displayed as human hands which build and fashion the world.

Kuli Alma gallery, 2015. Tel Aviv.

Briat Ha'olam- 10'10 (2015)

A Wait is a short film emphasizing the moment between silence and drama.​

Featured on The Woven Tale magazine.

A Wait- 1'40 (2016)

This video installation wanders between abstract and form while dealing with the subject of Tofu V’aVohu , chaos and the first moments of creation.

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Workshop by Sharon Balaban. 2016.

Tohu Vavohu - 4'31 (2016)

Collaboration with Yonatan C. Hoppe. 

The work deals with the image of a man falling to his death in the September 11th attacks in New York. Fascinated by the limited choice of deciding how he would die, and the beauty of the vertical lines in the photograph taken by Richard Drew, we wanted to give a sense of motion, time and spirituality to the piece.

Beit Hansen Jerusalem, 2014. Curated by Maya Yavin and Adi Ornai.

Falling Man - 2'07 (2014)