A series of digital collages wandering between abstract and form while dealing

with the subject of Tohu V’aVohu , chaos and the first moments of creation.

Group exhibition- Jerusalem Port gallery, Jerusalem. (2015) Curated by Shahar Nof Agam.

Group exhibition- Kaktus, Jerusalem. (2016) Curated by Noya Antman Ron.

Purchase details upon request

Tohu Va'vohu. 50x50

Wholesome Era. 50x50

New Splash. 50x50

Pink Clash. 50x50

Flower Dust. 50x50

Divided Splash. 50x50

Spaceman. 50x50

Middle Cross. 50x50

Leftovers. 50x50

Hiding Point. 50x50

Ghosts.  50x50

Mood. 50x50