TOP VIEW (2017)

TOP VIEW is a series of digital collages constructed from hundreds of photographs.

Photos of landscapes, nature shots and explosions are crafted together and treated with digital texture manipulation to create harmonic visual pieces,  each one a  colorful, abstract creation of a new world. Inspired by studies of the world’s creation narratives, I create new images out of old, and new landscapes are generated by uniting many locations around the world into one, aspiring to create a universal space, through a distant top view vision .

Purchase details upon request

Prelude, 40x40

Dementia, 40x40

Shimmer, 40x40

Terra Nova, 40x40

Bliss. 40x40

Shipwreck, 40x40

Frail Edges, 40x40

Foggy Fields, 40x40

Countie 40x40

Double Splash, 40x40

Landmarks, 40x40

Soft Stream, 40x40

Grand Gesture, 40x40

Dry Crown, 40x40

Forbidden Soar, 40x40

Lex, 100x55 

Green Goods, 120x70