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A short film about random accuracy in private worlds. 
From epilepsy to pool theories, teenage love as seen through the eyes of detached youth.

Premiered at the Tel Aviv Museum of art, curated by Marina Pozner. (2019)



Spike- 5'59 (2019)

A short film about the complex relationship between brother and sister entering adulthood, and the challenges they face when growing up, growing apart, and becoming independent. 

Presented in the Bezalel Academy of the Arts Graduation Exhibition (2017)

Official Selection Cinequest Film Festival (2018)

Altered Esthetics Film Festiva l(2018)


Undercurrent- 12'53 (2017)

A gathering of  friends, in a room where we played the track in loop.

Middle Sky Boom - Souvenirs (2019)​

A short animation film describing a father & daughter bond through shared moments and anecdotes, each one linked to the 7 days of creation told in Genesis.

Under The Table - 7'20 (2016)

A 3-part short film, which deals with the subject of control and authority, shown by the subconscious journey Anna goes through; the free, the controlled and the dominant.


The Video Show, RVCC, New Jersey - 2017

Beita Gallery, Jerusalem - 2017

CICA Museum, Korea - part of the Conceptual art exhibition - 2016

Bideodromo Film Festival - 1st place winner - 2016

Euro Film Festival - Best short film and revelation director - 2016

FanBoy Film Festival - Official Selection

New York State Film Festival - Official Selection

Premiered on Elegant Magazine - 2016

Eating Your Feelings - 7'50 (2016)

Fashion Film for Yemenism, 2019 collection by fashion brand 'KUKI'.

Yemenism- 2'36 (2019)

Le Grand Tour is a mini-opera without words, which portrays an ultra-orthodox man who longs to be on the track but finds himself confined to the sidelines. The work is inspired by Waiting for Godot of Samuel Beckett, and the ‘exposure of the performance’ theme in Kafka’s novel, Un Jeûneur.


Collaboration with Dan Robert Lahiani. 

Short Stop International Film Festival - Finalist. 2017

Berlin Experimental Film Festival - Official Selection, 2016.

Beit Hansen Jerusalem, 2014. Curated by Maya Yavin and Adi Ornai.

Le Grand Tour - 9'10 (2015)

The six days of creation in a rough style,

Kuli Alma gallery, 2015. Tel Aviv.

Briat Ha'olam- 10'10 (2015)

Music Video for "Tell Her to Stay"

by Middle Sky Boom & Eliezer.

published in Creative Review magazine.

Middle Sky Boom & Eliezer - Tell Her To Stay (2016)​

This video installation wanders between abstract and form while dealing with the subject of Tofu V’aVohu , chaos and the first moments of creation.

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Workshop by Sharon Balaban. 2016.

Tohu Vavohu - 4'31 (2016)

a moving interpretation to "Falling Man".

Beit Hansen Jerusalem, 2014. Curated by Maya Yavin and Adi Ornai.

Falling Man - 2'07 (2014)

Music Video for "Rool of Mind" by Mo Rayon

Collaboration with Bershka Vanessa.

Published in MTV Israel , ‘Raw Tapes’ label magazine.

Mo Rayon- Rool Of Mind (2014)

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